As a Black Bear Flooring client, you can take pride in forever hardwood flooring that showcases the unique personality of Ontario-grown quality and craftsmanship.

Authentically Canadian & Safe Hardwood Flooring

In recent years, imported hardwood flooring has offered inexpensive hardwood flooring alternatives wrapped in the risk of toxic ramifications on the homeowners and their loved ones, and harmful logging practices affecting our Earth’s forests.

We are proud to offer non-toxic, Ontario-grown hardwood floors with reduced transportation emissions and sustainable harvesting practices.

Meticulous & Reliable

Rest assured knowing each and every piece of flooring is subject to scrupulous mill inspection and our structural/manufacturing warranty means that the product will remain free from milling and grading defects for 20 years.

Investing In Black Bear Flooring Guarantees:

  • Detailed Client Care & Product Management
  • Careful Product Inspection
  • 20 Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

Why our clients love their Black Bear hardwood floors

This is exactly what we were looking for...You're going to make my wife really happy.


Not only is their floor brilliant but also durable.


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