Assurance With Design Expertise

We understand that selecting hardwood flooring can be overwhelming. That’s why when you choose Black Bear Flooring you work directly with a specialized interior decorator to guide you through the section process.

Black Bear Flooring Offers Peace Of Mind:

  • Expertise in 100-year lumberyard legacy
  • Commitment to sustainable harvesting practices
  • Ontario-grown quality & craftsmanship
  • Quality selection of species, widths and colours
  • Meticulous product inspection
  • Trusted referrals for product installation

Why our clients love their Black Bear hardwood floors

Katy Campbell was a great guide in selecting the right flooring, and communicated everything clearly throughout the order and delivery process. When we had an emergency roof leak, she was super-helpful in discussions with the builder on how to rectify any damage to the flooring, and in offering replacement materials.

Heather Murray

Almost 100 Years Of Local Legacy

Black Bear Flooring is Part of Peter Thomson & Sons, an FSC certified lumberyard that has been around for almost 100 years. All of the wood used for flooring is made from naturally harvested lumber. It is a 100% renewable resource and does not permit clear-cutting of the forest yet uses selective cutting to produce lumber and keep our environment healthy.

The lumber is kiln-dried on-site then milled and pre-finished locally. Each floor is created for a customized order allowing the customer to choose species width and colour to suit any décor need.

Having the lumber yard on site not only allows Black Bear to offer a higher grade at a better price point but it also gives the customer the ability to design a custom floor that no other flooring company could produce.

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